A face I used to know

There are days when I catch myself looking in the mirror and I notice a few more grey hairs, a couple more lines of age etched on my face.

Then I smile because my eyes are a radiant blue, rather than the silver grey they sometimes go when I’m stressed or depressed. I run my fingers through my long hair, and headbang it into shape in true metalhead style.

Age has yet to really take its toll on me yet, and long may it continue. But there will come a time, when the hair, what’s left of it, is all silver grey and the face is weathered and aged.

I hope when that time comes I’ll still remember the face looking back at me, remember the crazy long hair and those baby blue eyes. Most of all, I hope this face remembers those faces that fell in love with it.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown 


10 thoughts on “A face I used to know

  1. I absolutely love grey hair, white hair, salt and pepper, silver…. either way, embrace those beautiful grey hairs and wrinkles and everything else that comes with age and stress. Bear them as a badge of honor. And remember those that love you and have loved you throughout your days.

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