Short Horror Story

I was dark. By the music playing on the radio, the talk show had ended meaning it was gone 2am. It suddenly dawned on me that you were no longer beside me.

Panic began to wrack my body, as dark thoughts germinated in my mind of what had become of you. Suddenly the flush of the toilet dispelled such nonsense.

Rolling over, I awaited the pull on the duvet and the unmistakable motion of you climbing back into bed. Neither happened. As I reopened my eyes expecting to peer into the darkness for your arrival, I was confronted with a vision of nightmares.

The momentary stench of decaying flesh on its breath, the blood covered array of fangs it displayed as teeth were nothing compared to the dark swirling pools that were its eyes.

Transfixed in silent horror I watched as previously unseen eyelids closed and reopened, moistening its eyes and causing the whirls to momentarily cease.

Time almost stood still, as if we were both in some way eyeing each other up, but my fate had already been decided. A single lunge took the air from my lungs, the first engorged bite my life.

I watch, looking down upon this beast of nightmares as it devours the now empty vessel that was my body, as I drift ever upwards towards salvation and your waiting arms. That’s when I saw that it changed into you!

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


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