Sat in the dark, total silence except the sounds of night creeping in from the open tilted patio doors, and I’m drinking my last cup of tea of the day, enjoying a moment of calm.

Suddenly, and almost in unison, all three cats get spooked and run from the room, their tails high and fur fluffed. Then as I tilt my head to see where they’ve gone, I catch a glimpse of something pass in front of the mirror on the wall. Except, I’m the only one in the room.

I put it down to tiredness, the cats probably chasing a moth or similar that’s found its way in. I take the last mouthful from my cup, only to near drop it as the sound of something scrapping down the walls of the chimney, behind the electric fire.

Frozen scared I wait in fear, unable to move. A moment later and the picture that sits on the mantlepiece turns around by itself and I’m now convinced I’m no longer alone.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


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