AD&D Alignment Conflict

Knight: “What do you mean we kill her? Our quest was to rescue the Princess from the evil bandits, that somehow managed to kidnap her from a heavily guarded convey, and return her for our reward.”

Wizard: “As cliché as it sounds, the knight is right. Oo! I ryhmed.”

Thief: “All I’m saying is that we bump her off, take the loot that’s here and do one.”

Elf: “When we don’t return, others will come and find her dead, the loot gone and us nowhere to be seen. We will be hunted men.”

Theif: “Aye but with coin in our pockets and not having to wet nurse some girl half way across the Kingdom fighting all manner of beasts we didn’t encounter getting here.”

Dwarf: “My axe is ready for handing out an ass whooping!”

Wizard: “Actually, you know the theif makes a valid point.”

Knight: “What alignment are you wizard? I thought at worst Neutral.”

Wizard: “The alignment that knows I’ve used all my cantrip and all but one of my offensive spells just finding her.”

Elf & Knight: “We’re not killing her!”

Thief: “Okay okay! But accidents happen…..right.”

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


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