I wonder what it would be like

To slowly run my fingers through your hair

Eyes locked upon each other

And lose myself within your stare

To run my hand along your curves

A touch to make you shiver

Meet your mouth with that of mine

With tender kiss your lips now quiver

Would you let me tie a silk ribbon

So as to steal you of your sight

Eyes now covered that sense is gone

All becomes as dark as night

Now will you let me bind your arms

To rob you of your touch

More silk ribbon across your wrists

Bound tight but not too much

And so I have you at my mercy

To explore and caress your soul

Taking what should not be mine

To pleasure you my goal

I lay you bare before my eyes

This treasure I now lay claim to

So perfect in every possible way

Though I was never supposed to have you

Within my heart I shall forever keep

She who I could never turn away

Our love for each other runs deep within

And my secret you shall stay

Copyright: authorchrisbrown 


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