Unlucky in Dating

Laura lay upon her bed frustrated by yet another failed attempt at finding a little love with which to fill the void in her life.

He was nice enough, a student and he looked it with his floppy fringed hair and geeky attire. It didn’t start well when he offered to buy her a drink,

“Can I get you a drink?”

“Yes you can!”

“You’re a lesbian?”

She didn’t blame him for that, the music was extremely loud making it almost impossible to hear one’s own thoughts, let alone what each was saying. She did however blame him for abandoning her for someone younger and prettier. It was a shame too, as she’d have ridden that young man’s cock into the middle of next week.

Instead she watched the B movie alien flick that was showing on the TV whilst pampering the only one to have shown her any real love in ages, her beloved cat.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


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