Fork in the Road

I met a man
He was about four foot tall
And his age about a hundred times that
Completely naked he sat on the dusty road side
He offered neither glance nor voice
As I approached with cautious curiosity
I offered him a courteous greeting
To which he replied with a toothless grin
Then questioned him about his lack of clothing
He in turn quizzed me of my own
I asked of his reasons for just sitting by the road
A laugh broke from within him as if I’d told to him a joke
So I turned my attention onwards
Asked “what is to be found down either road”
Laughter turned to silence upon the falling of my words
The old man grinned his toothless smile
And pointed down each path in turn
“Your future lies down either one. It matters not which one you pick”
I left the man and chose my path
There was some wisdom to be found within his words
It matters not the destination of where life takes you
Or the road you choose to walk along
What matters is that you enjoy the journey
And make the most of what you find once you get there

Copyright: authorchrisbrown 


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