No matter how many times
The head rationalises things
It is the heart that never lies
Because it cannot turn
From that which it wants

Everytime I gaze upon her
I cannot help but think
What an amazing sex body she has
My dreams confirm this
And so I wait patiently

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


13 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. And once again, I like this one.

    Sometimes, there are particular things we normally wouldn’t do, but once our hearts are fixated on it, there’s no way. We are going to do it.

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  2. It’s interesting that you feel the heart tells the truth and the head is the liar. I am the opposite. My heart is a damn liar and not to be trusted. It’s my head that has saved me on more than one occasion. Even now my heart is telling my one thing and my head, ever the rational one, is keeping me together and not an absolute blubbering mess on the floor, wilted in a tangled knot of longing and tears and trembling hands. I would enjoy an in-depth discussion of this with you, I do believe.

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