Up against the wall

I remember reading the scrawling on the wall
It took my mind to a different place
Wondering who the names where
As the tears they rolled on down my face

I remember just how cold the stone was
As my naked skin was pushed against it
I had hoped that someone would see us
Down this alleyway that was so badly lit

I remember trying hard to scream my heart out
But his hand held closed my trembling lips
With his other he exposed my dignity
Before the almost deafening sound of a lowering zip

I remember feeling his violation
As he forced me harder up against the wall
I read those names what seemed a million times
Before he would eventually let my body fall

I remember watching as he left me
A crying shaking mess there on the floor
Where once I felt like I was someone special
I now feel like such a dirty whore

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


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