Sinking slowly into the quicksand of the mind

Tormented by your own answers to the questions you ask

Nothing holding your interest as you pace around the room

So you crack open another bottle not even savouring the taste

Searching for alternative answers supposedly at its bottom

One becomes another as the torment pulls you further

Each empty bottle proving futile in your search

So you begin to listen to the demon sitting on your shoulder

Taunting you with answers you didn’t want to believe

Another now a third as the alcohol works to gain control

Rage courses through you for those answers you think are true

Punches start to fly towards walls that will not fall

Blood pours forth from busted hands prompting tears to subdue your mood

The fourth sits open but the lust for the taste has gone

Instead you close your tearful eyes and wait for slumber to set in

The morrow comes and the quicksands gone

Replaced instead by a cacophony of musical beating drums

Regret shrouds over you like a duvet upon a cold winter’s night

The demon gone from upon your shoulder replaced instead by confrontation

As the one who could have given you answers demands answers of their own

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


6 thoughts on “Answers 

  1. Can you do one solely on over thinking because the beginning was so intense it deserves another end too.. maybe even darker than this one.
    I can’t relate to the alcoholic part because I don’t drink but it’s beautifully written..

    Liked by 1 person

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