Say the words,
Not just in your head,
But out loud,
To be heard,
Let there be no misunderstanding,
Wasted moments of uncertainty,
Of misinterpretation,
Just say the words.

Are you afraid?
Then let me take that leap of faith,
In the hope that you will follow,
Those words are ‘I love you’,
‘Adore you’,
‘My life’s enhanced because of you’,
‘You’re my inspiration’,
‘My motivation’,
And I say again, ‘I love you’.

But say them because you mean them,
Do not let me falsely garnish hope,
Your words they are my everything,
They resonate deep within my soul,
Say them loud so I may hear them,
So they may repeat in splendid daydream,
Say the words my queen, my love,
Please say you love me so.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


7 thoughts on “Words

  1. It’s easier to say than feel unless it’s real love and you’ve got everything to gain and everything to lose if you open up your mouth and say it. I Love You. Does my heart now get ripped out or does it join hands with another who feels the same?

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