Need more coffee

“Can you see the target?”

“Yup!” responded Alia, her voice slightly muffled by virtue of the fact the side of her face was pressed up against the butt of her rifle, one eye straining at the scope.

“Then take the shot!” ordered her officer.

“Just a minute longer.”

“Take the shot Alia. That’s an order.”

She stood without pulling the trigger, slinging her weapon strap across her shoulder as she did so.

“I really need more coffee.”

Officer Jordan wrenched the high-powered rifle from her and pointed it in the direction of the fracas two blocks away. Without sighting he pulled the trigger.

“Don’t you ever lay your hands on my weapon again,” she said forcibly taking back her gun seconds after the bullet had left the chamber. “Or else I’ll spread your insides so far and wide across this forsaken city that the zombies will be eating you as a finger buffet.”

“I gave you a direct order.”

“And I told you I needed more coffee!”

“Marius will hear of your insubordination Alia. Just because you are his niece, doesn’t mean you can disobey direct orders from a commanding officer.” 

It took just a matter of seconds for the sidearm to be pulled and bullet to rest itself within the forehead of the deceased officer.

“You always were an arsehole Jordan, and never did understand my reliance on coffee. Looks like I’ll be hunting the last one on my own.”

In an act of defiance against all her training and the laws by which she served, she left him so that his body would be feasted upon by both carrion and infected alike. All she took from him was the ammunition from his gun and a stolen kiss to say goodbye.

“I’d been looking for an excuse to end our relationship. Thank you for offering me one.”

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


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