Writing Challenge 

This challenge was to simply write a poem about a journey. I opted to write two, because I had two distinct ideas and couldn’t decide between them.

Midnight in the woods.

I walked what seemed like hours in the darkness
Taking re-assurance from the texture of uneven bark between my fingers
The trees, some three times my age, guided me
Like an old man holding gently the hand of his grandchild
I walked towards the light that hung in the air like some ghostly apparition
With a beauty most haunting it gave me chills
Was I heading towards salvation from the colour of the night
Or a prelude to my own eternal darkness

Growing Old

As I trudge through my final years
Of what can only be described an existence
Than to what others would consider a life
I am shackled with remorse and sadness
Bestowed upon me by past failings
My own self pity plagues me with a sickness
That even Death refuses to free me from
I continue to draw breath in my own company
Devoid of that which we all crave the most
Guilt having robbed me of the chance to love

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


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