The beginning 

The silence of night was a beautiful sound to Airou. It offered an opportunity for her to be reflective in her thoughts, a chance to escape the constraints of the pack mentality and be at one with her surroundings. If Sturge, or any of the other elders knew of her nightfall wanderings, she would be reprimanded most severely, possibly even cast out on her own.

Whilst she adored being alone under the veil of darkness, the light of the moon her only companion, being a solitary wolf in a world full of day walkers and hunters would surly bring about her swift demise. Though she hated to admit it, there was genuinely better safety being part of the pack.

She wanted more than the running, the hunting of the weak before running once more. The pack had never settled in one place, and she was born into the rituals of constantly being on the move, and yet she craved a different life. She’d grown tired and irritable, and so at night would defy pack law and wander.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


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