10 reasons women date Jerks.

It’s more fun to complain about them to her friends.

Guys who actually like her just aren’t challenging or exciting.

When she does date nice guys, they turn into jerks anyway, so why not save time and go for the jerk in the first place?

She won’t get as emotionally attached to a jerk, so she’ll be more in control.

All the other women want them, so they must be worth having.

Affection means more when it comes from a guy who doesn’t normally give it.

Guaranteed to cheat on her so someone else can endure his lack of lovemaking skills most of the time.

No need to feel guilty for abusing or deceiving them.

Jerks will actually tell her when they don’t like what she’s doing instead of getting mad about it six months later.

She was looking for someone she can’t trust, and won’t care about too much, who will abuse her mentally and financially, but she didn’t know any lawyers.


20 thoughts on “10 reasons women date Jerks.

  1. Haha! Reminds of a joke I saw on twitter, here loosely translated from Spanish and my memory:
    Girl: Oh God, please send me a man who is honest and faithful!
    God: I already did, and you told him you just wanted him as a friend. Now suffer, pendeja. 😀 Nice post!

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