Writing Challenge 

This challenge entailed writing a short scene that offered a moral to it. Here is mine:

Sam was a travelling minstrel. Wandering from village to town, town to city, he would play his lute and warble his tales for either food in his belly or coin for a bed. The life on the open road was a marvelous one, for if times were hard in the place he arrived, upon the morrow he would be on his way. If times were good and both food and coin were plentiful, he would stay awhile till the lure of the open road called once more.

It was within a specifically depressing, high walled city, where the citizens were more depressed than their surroundings, Sam was humbled by a small boy begging upon one of the many street corners. Where all others had shunned or brushed him aside, this little child offered him a mouthful of bread in return for a tune.

“Please sir, lift my spirits with a merryful tune. I will half my meal with you if you’ll agree.”

Sam played for the boy, and shared with him his meal so as to not offend his feelings.

“Young lad. You have confirmed to me, that it is us that have little that often give the most.”

The two smiled before a parting of ways. Sam never forgot the young boy, who later became a new hero within one of his tales.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown 


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