Writing Challenge 

I love doing these. Write a poem that must include the words: Peacock, fountain pen, tea party and old fashioned phone box. Here is my effort:

An invitation written,
no, scrawled in ink,
amateur penmanship,
a novice to the fountain pen.

Blotches scattered the paper,
the words scratchy,
not free flowing with artistry,
requesting presence to an event.

“Admittance One”
The words crudely written,
“Through the old fashioned phone box,
for a tea party with a friend.”

The old box stood,
inconspicuous at the road’s end,
inside a peacock with ink stained beak,
holding a fine china cup.

The whistle of the kettle,
woke me from my imagination,
crumpled paper strewn all around,
whilst ink stains adorn my hand.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


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