6 thoughts on “The Reason

    • When love resonates deep within you, like the idling thrum of chopper ready to be ridden hard. When it’s fragile, yet fierce much like the kindling on a campfire. That’s the love of which I write.

      Thank you so much. Your comments never fail in making me smile.

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      • You teach me the ways of love and expressing that love. You have the gift, the words, where my world is mostly logic based. I’m only given to poetry by real experiences, not by imagination and ability to write. So, seeing the passion you spill across these pages is opening up a corner of my soul I’m just now discovering.

        Thanks for all the delicious emotions you evoke. ❤️

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      • I am honoured to be the reason for you discovering a new emotional tangent of yourself. For me, to love and express that love, well it is as important as breathing. Love harboured, love shared, even love unrequited should be expressed with passion and soul. To say ‘I love you’ comes easy, to say ‘I adore the very essence of who you are’ speaks of love.

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