Undelivered Letter

When I was a lot younger
Mummy and daddy used to be in love
Always kissing and hugging
But one day I’m not sure when
Things changed

They argued all the time
Would never spend time together
Forever shouting and crying
Daddy would leave for hours
Sometimes for days

But then mummy got sick
Had to spend time in the hospital
Daddy would look after us
Sitting by the hospital bed
I think they re-found love

Mummy came home much better
The house was filled with love again
Daddy left for work one day
Kissing mummy and me goodbye
But a car accident meant he never came home

Mummy cried almost every day
After the policeman gave her daddy’s belongings
There was a crumpled undelivered letter
Daddy must have wrote it from up in heaven
Because all it said on it was “Goodbye”

Copyright: authorchrisbrown 


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