There was something in the way fear erupted within her eyes, as if her body was given an overdose of adrenaline and every one of her nerve endings stood on end in anticipation of what horrific ordeal was to befall her.

Desperately she tried to find her voice to scream, to alert others to her distress, however the crimson fluid that seeped from the freshly cut slice across her throat meant all that could be heard was a gagging gurgling sound as she chocked on her own life force.

I watched as her hands clasped at the wound, her horror intensifying as she bore witness to her own blood on her hands. The fight within her was ebbing away as she slumped heavily to her knees upon the dirty flagstones of the back alley.

I continued to watch as her eyes lids closed, the last few breathes within her lungs escaping into the crisp night air as finally she lay lifeless within the filth and a pool of her own blood.

Now in her eternal sleep, there would be no ‘no’. That which she had denied me would be mine for the taking. Excitement coursed through me as I removed parts of her clothing so as to gaze upon her once hidden gems, and overflowed shortly after entering her still warm body.

Then in a sudden wave of guilt, a tear formed in my eye as my trembling hands rearranged my attire. Looking down at her once, I turned a fled into the night.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


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