Stollen Moment 18+ NSFW

“You have no idea how long I dreamed of this moment.”

“What about…” I couldn’t finish what I was going to say as he stepped up close forcing my back against the wall. He placed his finger across my lips as a gesture to hush my thoughts. They quickly snapped to the here and now.

I opened my mouth and slowly slipped his finger between my lips, playfully teasing it with my tongue as I sucked on it suggestively. Ever since he confessed his feelings there had been an awaking within me craving for a chance to seduce him. I could feel his hot breath breath on my face as his breathing deepened.

Whilst he was preoccupied with my mouth, my hands skillfully and eagerly released him from the confines of jeans. It felt hard in my hands and everything my dirty mind had imagined. I wanted it buried deep inside me, I wanted him more than ever.

Lifting my skirt, I parted to the side my already soaking wet panties and offered the tip of him to my moistened yearning lips. Taking control he removed himself from my mouth and lifted me so as my legs wrapped around his waist, and in doing so he sank himself deep. I couldn’t help but moan loudly as he fucked me against the wall his hands gripping tightly the cheeks of my arse, his head buried within my cleavage sucking my breasts.

I think I came three times before he finally did. My body was shaking and I was weak all over, never before had I been so masculinly man handled and yet treated to such pleasure. Whilst it had been one of the most intense and satisfying of fucks, my heart sank knowing he wasn’t mine to keep. It was one moment of unconditional passion that validated all of his past feelings.

Before he left, he kissed me tenderly upon the lips that had started the whole thing and whispered “I’ll never forget you”. I had never been more saddened to see the back of a man walking away than I felt right then.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


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