Mind Mumble: Men & Women

When you look down at the core of it, men and women are just the same: We need air to breath, food and water for sustenance, clothes on our back, and shelter from the elements. We both harbour love and a lust for passionate sex, yet we also both yield insecurities that make us feel both a pure love and good sex are a privilege rather than something we deserve.

Even when we you look upon the surface, men are becoming more feminine and vice versa women more masculine. The boundaries between the two sex are blurring in their differences generation upon generation, thus it is more and more likely we are to see or even know androgynous looking persons.

Sure, there are still neanderthal men and girly girls out there doing their bit to keep the clear identity of both sex separate, but more and more often it is the women wearing the trousers.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


2 thoughts on “Mind Mumble: Men & Women

    • I believe, that over the past ten years or so, we are seeing the boundaries of gender fall. And slightly off topic I’d never heard of gender dysphoria until a few years ago. Social awareness to gender identity and equality is definitely growing.


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