Bound & Powerless

It never fails to surprise me that there are women out there that have never experienced anything other than the missionary position, and they’ve become so accustomed to the same old routine they kid themselves into believing there is no other way to enjoy sex. To render a woman powerless for the first time, to take away her ability to interact to the things you’re doing is exhilarating for both of you.

When I first placed her wrists into the confinement of a silk rope knot, I could feel the immediate quickening of her breath. When I took away her sight with another it was evident she was becoming increasingly sexually aroused. I allowed my own breath to be felt by the parts of her exposed body her clothes offered, and then watched her heaving bosom rise and fall as she grasped for breath of her own. Placing a delicate touch of my lips upon her neck forced her to hold on to it altogether.

“Can I at least see what you’re doing?” she asked, fidgeting in the chair she was sat in trying to get the makeshift blindfold to fall.

“Soon,” I replied, parting her legs and lifting her skirt to reveal a pair of lacy ice blue knickers. As I pulled them to one side and kissed tenderly the area along the side of her inner thigh, she threw herself backwards, thrusting herself towards my face. With every kiss, the fact she was powerless to respond in anyway only heightened her stimulation and her desire for me to tip her over the edge.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


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