Flippant Decisions

Today is one of those rare days when I feel like I’m standing sure footed on the edge of a precipice, looking into an endless dark void of nothingness. The temptation to jump hasn’t hit me yet, only the insatiable curiosity as to what lies below.

To my left stands the ghost of friends and family, those closest to my heart. Their outstretched arms across my chest, helps to signify the wishes of those I love for me not to jump.

To the right stands the devil of temptation pointing into the abyss, goading me forward.

With one hand in my pocket I take out a coin and assign the sides.


All eyes watched intently for the outcome, each one trying to influence the result.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


4 thoughts on “Flippant Decisions

  1. How did they try to influence the outcome? 🙂

    Did they jostle to reach the coin to tap it in the air? Did any of them fall? Did the Devil just will the outcome? If they did jostle, did they push you backwards, safely away from the ledge? Who is the devil? And is she beautiful? Supremely confident that she has your intentions all sewn up like chipped bowling ball (you know it’s gonna mess up your game, but if you throw it away, it falls like a thud).

    So many questions, so little time….

    (my stab at flash fiction… ❤️)

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