Early Walk

Darkness clings desperately to the last vestiges of her reign, the wind’s echoing howl rising to a crescendo as morning threatens to break.

A multitude of yellow and brown leaves dance feverishly across shimmering paths, the light reflecting from the remnants of heaven’s tears.

And as I walk into the birth of a new day, the wisps of my exhaled breath disperse quickly carried high upon the bitterly cold wind.

After thought:

Trees weep
Their leaves falling like tears to their demise
The wind the tormentor
Strengthening as darkness lifts her shroud
Heralding a new dawn.

What was with my melancholy mind?

Cornucopia of mixed emotions.
A plethora of feelings pulling on the fabric of the soul, twisting the strings like a marionette.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


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