A Smile

I saw a man sitting on a bench,
alone and seemingly shut off from the world around him.
At first I thought he was cold and unfriendly,
but the closer I got,
his eyes betrayed him for being rather sad and lost in thought.

I smiled at the man as I passed him,
and carried on my way.
I don’t know if he smiled back or even saw me,
but I couldn’t help but wonder,
how many other smiles he may have missed whilst sitting there.

With any luck he saw just one,
and it lifted, if only momentarily,
the weight of his troubled thoughts.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


7 thoughts on “A Smile

  1. Very, very beautiful.
    We can often be deceived by the perception of others. We don’t give people a chance and shut people out. We’re forced to think that autonomy and independence makes us strong.
    Society says its weak to be dependent on friendship and others, but we’re not meant to be alone. And many people out there are lonely. They just want the chance to connect with other people, other humans- to be listened to and acknowledged.
    Great poem. ❤

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