Writing Challenge

The challenge, to write a short piece of writing entitled: Law & Order. This is my piece.​

His duster trailed behind him as he strode forward, guns in hand. It was smeared with dirt and rips, trophies from the treacherous journey up from the underworld. The wide brimmed hat that adorned his head, masked the sinister intent that hungered within his eyes, as his huge thunderous boots crushed everything underfoot as he went.

The world of man had a new law enforcer in town. His name, The Cowboy from Hell.

He had waited an awfully long time confined to the underworld, waiting for the day he could once again walk upon the topside. Some may be forgiven to thinking that Grandfather Time had retired his slippers and hung up his pipe he’d waited that long.

He lit a cigarette and placed it between his yellow stained and blackened teeth, drawing that first inhale, long and hard. It was a satisfying long overdue sensation.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown 


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