Writing Challenge

This challenge was to describe the life cycle of a subject of your choice. This was mine:

​Within a park somewhere no particular, a leaf upon a branch, upon a tree, sat content surrounded by those just as he.

Then on no specific day he noticed those around him beginning to change. There was a cold nip to the breeze, and one by one those he had shared his life with began slipping away, falling to almost certain death upon the floor below.

Resist though he tried, the change was happening to him also. When a bitterly cold kiss from Autumn’s breath finally caressed him, he knew it was time to relinquish the fight.

As he fell to join his friends, neighbours and those he’d never had a chance to know, he looked skyward and back up to the branch upon which he grew.

For this solitary leaf, and for the millions of other like him, life had run its course.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


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