Heavy Hearted Freedom

I stood at the base of the cold flagstone steps. Behind me I could still hear the moans and cries of despair tugging at my emotions as if to plead for me to return from whence I came, to save those still caged.

My strength and energy was already depleted. It had ebbed slowly from me over the unknowing number of days I’d been imprisoned. I knew the right thing to do would have been to free them, but it in doing so could so easily compromise the freedom I now found myself. And once free, would they show such compassion in helping others, or just run towards the light that shone from atop the stairs in frenzied panic to be rid of this place.

It was then a cat sprang out at me, scaring what was left of my senses to the brink of death. Knowing our captor used them as their eyes and ears, I ran. Ran with all the strength I could muster, my heart beating as though it would surly burst from my chest.

As I sit here and tell tale of my escape, it is with great guilt and sorrow that I abandoned the others there that day. I only hope that with my account of what occurred within that place, the memories of those women and children still caged like animals, shall be never be forgotten.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


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