Domestic Abuse

“Hi darling, good day at work?” he watched as she slumped her coat and bag on the floor of the hallway and joined him in the kitchen. “Sorry tea isn’t ready yet, shouldn’t be long.”

“What do you mean tea isn’t ready? You know I like it on the table when I get in. What the fuck have you been doing?”

With genuine fear in his eyes he stepped back away from her. “I’m really sorry, it won’t be long.”

“Look at ya you pathetic excuse for a man, cowering away from your own wife.” She raised her hand and laughed as he immediately and instinctively flinched.

Walking closer to him she gripped his throat in her hands and squeezed until he began to splutter and choke. With her free hand she began to slap him about the face whilst continuing to laugh as tears began rolling from his eyes.

“Aw are you crying?” He nodded knowing she knew he was, and to argue would only prolong the punishment.

As she let him go he slumped on the floor gasping for his breathe. Before she retired into the sitting room, she pressed the heel of stiletto shoe into the top of his hand puncturing the skin and causing blood to flow uncontrollably.

“And you can clean that mess up, then finish my tea.”

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


12 thoughts on “Domestic Abuse

  1. orangeorchards says:

    Another great detail I liked in your story is that you showed how the person who earns tends to consider himself/herself superior and how the home maker’s sacrifices are often forgotten.

    Liked by 1 person

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