100th Post

So this is my one hundredth post to my blog. Seems like only yesterday I took the plunge in moving away from social media and it’s limitations, to dedicate a blog to my writing.

I have to say, it’s been a case of ‘so far so good’. I’ve received some wonderful feedback from a steadily growing audience of like-minded and wonderfully creative peers.

Not only have I been made to feel that what I post is being read, but it is also being liked. That’s a huge motivational emotion being gifted by, for said and done, a group of strangers. Given time, I would like to change that so I may call you friends.

I’ve also found genuine inspiration reading other people’s posts, such is the quality of gifted and talented individuals I’ve discovered in my short time here. Thank you sincerely for that.

So it is a case of onwards and upwards. More flash fiction & creative writing. More poetry and writing challenges. More importantly though, much more sharing and interacting within this wonderful place I can now call home.



8 thoughts on “100th Post

  1. Great…..!!! It’s being wonderful to connected with you, Chris. Indeed it’s a best place to give inspiration and get inspiration together at a same time. Keep connected and keep writing 😊😊

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