Visions of Fear

3:18am I was woken by a loud unusual banging downstairs. It wasn’t the cats running amok and knocking things over, so against my better judgement I decided to investigate.

The washing machine had been inexplicably moved out from under the worktop where it lived. Attempting to push it back, it wouldn’t go all the way as once it was. Tired, I returned to bed.

4:22am Another strange sound, this time waking us both, and so we investigated once more. This time the refrigerator door was wide open, all the food that had been within, now lay organised on the worktop.

Having put it all away, we questioned each other without words whilst returning to bed.

4:58am The original disturbance return once more. We both decide to pull the washing machine fully out to investigate behind.

What we saw was a door that we’d both never seen before. It was only about two foot high and despite its age, seemed to have been opened recently. The cobwebs had been disturbed and there were hand prints in the dust.

Looking at each other once more, I got on my hands and knees so as to try and open it.

5:32am I hadn’t noticed before, but my wife was shaking uncontrollably. She began begging for me to seal up the door, to push the washing machine back and forget all about it.

Even if I wanted to honour her wishes, curiosity would forever haunt me. I had to know what was behind there.

5:35am The sound of me banging my head must have alerted whatever it was that was down there. The soft glow of light was now replaced with darkness once more.

Reassuring my wife I pulled away from her and stared through the door. With the light of the torch we found earlier, I began to uncomfortably descend the set of stairs upon my hands and knees.

5:43am As I gaze in a kind of semi – wonderment and terror at this thing before me, it’s narrow slit eyes widened and seemed to draw me in. They were the deepest pools of ebony black, and for a moment all I saw was them.

Then the visions began. Images of my worst nightmares played out in front of my very eyes. The creature that haunted my sleep as a child was real, the bullies at school that made my life hell. I saw women ridicule me, my own wife betray me. I lost my job, my home and eventually my mind.

Unknown time: The creature was gone. The light from the torch danced erratically on the walls as my hands shook uncontrollably just as I had seen my wife do. She too must have seen the visions.

Returning back the way I’d come, I passed through the mysterious door back into our kitchen. Without a word I closed it and pushed back the washing machine to its home under the counter. I then hugged my wife for what seemed like eternity.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


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