The Audition

“I can’t believe I’m about to do this!”

A bead of sweat began to roll down the side of his face as he sat awaiting his turn. In fewer than five minutes, he was going to have to throw off any inhibitions he harboured and bring out a side of himself he hoped he could find within himself as he threw himself to the mercy of others in the hoped he was good enough to earn himself a place in the team.

‘He’ was Martin Staverly, an unemployed financial consultant, husband and father of three. During the hard economic crash that was blighting the country, he found himself surplus to requirements within his stuttering company and shown the door without as much as a second thought. He was a proud and hard working man, and spent many hours scouring the jobsites for available work, some that he secured interviews for, others hearing nothing. He was determined there was no way he would sit back and watch his wife, a mobile hairdresser, become the major bread winner. It was a matter of masculine pride.

And so, after answering one particular advertisement having applied and failed for so many jobs, he found himself awaiting his chance to prove he could take of his clothes and get paid for it. The nerves ramped up to boiling point as his chosen song began to play, and he walked out in front of the judges to perform. After studying those that went before him, and having practiced at home in front of the mirror, he felt his routine was at least on par with all of the others. Standing butt naked he waited upon their critique.

“You dance like a three legged, blind asthmatic mule, but the girls are going to love your geek appeal. Welcome to the family.”
Martin was flabbergasted, unable to speak through sheer elation. He couldn’t wait to share in his good news, although wasn’t sure how they’d respond to his new job title: Male Stripper. There was still much he had to learn and a whole persona that he was going to have to make his own, but for now all he wanted to do was go and celebrate. Still as naked as the day he was born, he looked around the casting room and thought,

“If only I could remember where I left my pants.”

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


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