Writing Challenge 

The challenge was to write a story about “conflicted emotions”. Here is my attempt:

“I don’t believe you hate the world,” he gargled, her hand around his throat making it difficult for him to get his words out. “I think you hate what you’ve become in the eyes of the world.”

She traced a taloned finger across his cheek, drawing blood as she did so.

“What would you know about what I hate?” she sneered. “I’ll tell you what I hate.” She tightened her grip making him splutter and struggle for air. “I hate the fact I cannot control my love for hurting you.”

As she finally let him go, the air rushing into his lungs making him cough as he inhaled deeply, he looked at her as she began to walk away.

“You mean you hate that you love me!”

She continued without so much as sound or look of either acknowledgement or denial.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


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