Mind Mumble

I once wrote: If we all woke one morning, looked in the mirror and instantly loved what we saw, imagine how many companies would go out of business.

That got me thinking: Is make up and temporary body altering garments, nothing more than a lie we tell ourselves and portray to others? Should a prospective partner be chastised, if on the morning after they were to discover how someone truly looks, and then have reverse feelings?

The argument is that beauty should be what’s on the inside, but physical attraction, as throughout nature, is all about looking the most desirable. My case in point would be the plumage of male birds, and using it to attract female suitors. However, a bird’s colourful feathers are not an artificially applied mask or push up, suck in garments.

There is also the argument that make up, and body enhancing clothes are as much about self confidence as they are for luring a partner, and I get that. However, is that requirement for self confidence only enhanced more by the successful manipulation of the lie. If others only compliment when the mask is applied, surely that is the reason why it enhances our confidence and it becomes part of our daily routine.

Perhaps we should all feel love about ourselves, but more importantly, find it in ourselves to feel love for others when not wearing their lies.

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2 thoughts on “Mind Mumble

  1. Tough stuff. It’s a circular argument, as you point out, and the problem rests on the fact that we (as individuals) live in a society (a community that is so much more complex than the sum to the individuals). On a personal level me, you, or someone else, can decide to eschew “shallowness”: peel back the layers and appreciate what’s underneath. But the problem is that we can’t separate ourselves from the world around us, and the *values* it imposes. Not least, because we were brought up with some set of those values, and we can’t actually eschew “shallowness”, not truly.

    There’s the option of heading to the woods and living in a cabin, but that’s not the point.

    Of course, this doesn’t mean we can’t strive to help change and influence things for the better, but it is tough stuff: staying sane, staying true to a level of aesthetics (morals?), and still getting through the day vaguely in touch with the rest of humanity 🙂

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