Kissing the Rain

The world is in chaos. Governments have fallen and the New World Order, that promised so much, is struggling in the face of unrest amongst the citizens of Earth. With 98% of the oceans bled dry, clean drinkable water is now the commodity of the rich and powerful, whilst the common man waits in law enforced queues for the pitiful daily rations handed out by NWO officials.

But there have been whispers. Talk in dark shadows, as well as within halls of powers, of a woman that may hold the key to once again bringing back the rain that has for so long refused to fall from the thick black clouds that blankets the skies. However not everyone believes this to be a good idea, especially those with deep pockets and connections to those in power.

Hunted and on the run, Dr Emily Hicks trusts no-one and fights not only to keep her discovery a secret, but also to keep herself alive.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


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