The trio sat stone-faced around the table, each one eyeing the other for any sign of weakness. There was a lot at stake, especially given there were two bodies already lying close by with bullets in their head. This had become more than just a simple game of cards for pocket change. They were now gambling with their lives.

“Are you feeling lucky Flannigan?”

“Just have to be luckier than you Jed. What about you Shamus?”

“The cards will decide my fate.”

Simultaneously they played their hand, a pair of tens, a pair of threes, and a flush. Two guns fired and another body collapsed to the floor exiting the game.

“Just you and I Flannigan.”

“It was inevitable Jed. After all we’ve been through, that it comes down to this.”

The pair stared at each other through steely eyes as the last hand was dealt.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


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