The sound of screaming guitars and the thunderous beat of drums could be heard for miles around, carried on the chilly night air. For those that heard the rapturous sound were drawn like moths to a flame. It was coming from a rundown derelict warehouse that only helped to amplify and resonate the beautiful deafening musical beacon.

As the writhing mass of euphoric revellers packed themselves in like shoaling fish, the first of them fell to the beasts that summoned them. Widespread panic erupted as the blood spilt from the unfortunate ones. Still the music played as one by one the exits were sealed confusing further the hysterical crowd.

As the band arrived at its crescendo, a whilwind of fangs and claws silenced the screams. Long into the night they feasted, stripping the bones of the fallen clean, satisfying their own primeval lust for human flesh. As the sun rose casting fragmented light over the carnage, the music faded and the unholy creatures of darkness returned back into the underworld from whence they came.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


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