Birth of a New World

The land was lush and green, with flowers of many a colour blooming here and there. Trees sprouted from the ground, living monoliths that reached up towards pale blue skies, while water flowed from an unseen source towards an unknown destination. There was wildlife too. Birds soared from outstretched arms of trees, while reptiles, mammals and insects scurried through the dense vegetation that carpeted the floor.

That was all the ship’s commander needed.  Confirmation of his opinion that this planet would be ideal for jettisoning his cargo upon. That it would be capable of sustaining those he had onboard as they strode forward in forging a new world. The commander, whilst saying a prayer to the gods he believed in, released the capsule and sent the chosen few upon their final journey, a journey that carried with it the hopes of an entire race.

Marooned on a strange planet, with no food or shelter it would be a test of their mental and physical endurance as they battle to survive, but this was why they were chosen ones. Each brought with them the very best of an aspect that epitomised their race. Individually, each one stood only a slim chance of survival, but it would be together, that each aspect would compliment the other, affirming why they were chosen.

And so it came to be, that as a far off planet and its millions of inhabitants withered and died, so the continuation of life took its first few steps upon a strange and mysterious new world.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


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