Splendid Cornucopia of Wonders

I never knew what it was to be amazed

To feel overwhelming excitement

Nor for that matter jealousy

Only sadness truly touched me as an emotion

My soul had been tainted black

Made cold by past fears and failures

An impenetrable invisible wall

Sanctuary for my feelings locked away from others

But every fortress no matter how well built

Hides within it a weak spot

The glue that binds it all together

Who knew mine would succumb to a smile

Could it have been sorcery, witchcraft, or spell?

To conquer that which others could not

Emotions laid bare, my defences breached

Daring me to ignite fires that burnt out long ago

And so from the birth of those early sparks

A mighty fire now roars within

Each day fuelled by emotions once forgotten

Burning to distant memory the walls that once stood tall

I may not yet know how to express my own excitement

Jealousy yet to turn my eyes a shade of green

But I have learnt how to love again

The splendid cornucopia of wonders that is you

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


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