Emily’s Doll

Once upon a time, in a town much like our own, a little girl and her mum were walking around the shops looking for bargains within those selling second hand items for charity. It was in one particular shop that Jessica found something she really wanted,
“Look mum, I just have to have this little doll. Pleeease!” she implored.
“Okay darling”
The doll was bought and it was insisted upon that she be carried instead of being put into a bag with the rest of the shopping. Once home, the little doll even took pride of place on Jessica’s bed, moving other teddies out of the way to make room.
The time for bed soon arrived, much to the disappointment of a tired little girl, but with her doll held in her arms sleep followed quickly. As the moon shone its eerie light through the gap in Jessica’s curtains a strange voice began to call out.
“You’re not Emily. Where is my Emily?”
Again and again the voice repeated itself, until suddenly the eyes of the doll flung open. It began to wriggle free from the loving grasp it had found itself, and immediately identified the window as a means of escape. The doll stood upon the bed and looked down at the little girl who had clutched her so tightly.
“You’re not my Emily” whispered the doll before escaping into the air of night.
By the time morning arrived, Jessica was already awake searching high and low for her new doll, but couldn’t find her anywhere. Once she had decided it was no longer in her room, she ran off shouting her mother for help in looking for it.
Later that same morning, a mother and her little girl bought a doll in a charity shop, and it was being carried lovingly to its new home.
Copyright: authorchrisbrown

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