The Shadow

Little baby Luke was put to bed in his cot, much the same as he was every night. His mother lovingly said goodnight and set his hanging mobile off playing its sleepy lullaby. Once she had left the room, Luke opened his eyes and waited.

He didn’t have to wait long. The shadow that would often visit him appeared on the wall opposite his cot. Pulling himself up using the bars, he stood up and looked across at his familiar visitor.

It wasn’t long before the giggles and laughter started. The shadow had begun changing shape into recognisable images of Luke’s teddies and toys, whilst it seemed to respond more and more to his outwardly signs of joy.

Curious as to why her son was now wide awake and seemingly playing rather than sleeping, his mother turned on the light to his room. From the periphery of her view she thought she saw a dark shadow suddenly disappear, but with nothing there when she looked, it was dismissed as nothing.

She put her baby back down to sleep and again set the mobile away playing its lullaby. Before she turned out the light again, another glance to where she thought she’d seen something was given and then back to her baby boy.
The visitor didn’t return that night, but waited instead for sleep time the following evening to return and make baby Luke laugh again.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


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