Snippet from Carnaby Circus

The Slater Street bone had been taken, along with some of the bloody residue, to Dr Aldridge for further examination. Thanks to Miss Elwood’s affirmation that the victim was female, that was one line of examination he had not needed to pursue. Though with what was left of the unfortunate woman it would have been almost impossible to prove to the contrary.

The bone, however, harboured more than one enlightenment as to what befell her. The Inspector’s prognosis that some kind of animal had been responsible was in part accurate. The bone had teeth marks similar to those of a domestic canine, however much larger and more capable of biting down with considerable force. No animal in the known world came close to matching either the size or power needed to gnaw on the bone the way it had been. The thought of what they may be dealing with sent a shiver down the doctor’s spine.

Turning his attentions to the bloody residue, further anomalies and irregularities within its chemical structure confounded the doctor further. Looking up from the bloody pool, he stared straight forward in a vacant stare,

“She was a vampyre!”

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


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