Current Available Books

One Man to Love, One Man to Live

Crystal was a woman who had everything. A career, money and a boyfriend with a body that put most other men to shame. But even when life bestows upon you all you could want, monotony lurks in the shadows. A series of events lead to an unlikely friendship that blurs the boundaries of infatuation, which then manifests itself into a relationship leading to the inevitable love triangle. Tinged with erotic desire for one man’s brain can Crystal stay faithful to her boyfriend’s body?

Beaches, Boys and Forgotten Bras

Imogen wasn’t so much unlucky in love, as she was adept at giving those she fell for a reason to walk away. And when her most recent break up happened a couple of weeks before her annual holiday from work, she decided a flight towards sunny beaches would be just what she needed to forget her heartbreak and prove she could stride forward with her best foot forward as a single independent woman. Unfortunately best laid plans were never her forte, and when a group of lads away on a holiday of their own catch her eye, it’s head over heels time again for poor Imogen. But which one does she offer her heart too and will there be more than just romance amongst the sand dunes? Or will she return as single as she left having found one more reason to give up on love.

31 Sleeps

Twenty five ‘Final Demand’ letters and probably double that in politically correct declarations of yet another unsuccessful employment interview lay strewn across the dining room table. With an almost empty fridge, and even emptier cupboards, times were desperate. I was even down to my last few cigarettes. Of course there is one industry that never suffers from government cut backs or the latest banking recession, the oldest profession of all. It pays well and job satisfaction is literally a prime requisite for the position. So I set myself a month. That would be thirty one clients to turn around my fortune, to say goodbye to the demands of others and the endless constant rejection. This is my account of being a gigolo for an entire month.

Lucia the not so Ordinary Vampire: Tale of the Dragon’s Egg

Lucia discovers evidence that dragons may not be as extinct as historians and scholars would have people believe, and so sets out to prove them wrong. When she discovers a preserved egg high in the mountains, she returns home with her evidence to prove the point. The only trouble with bringing back such a coveted prize is there are others in seats of office that have the power to confiscate it without having to offer an explanation. What follows are an unfortunate chain of events that sees Lucia forced from her home, find new friends, as well as develop a conscience regarding the fate of the egg. But will her plans prove to be all too late as the real egg’s owner turns up so as to reclaim that which had been stolen? The Tale of the Dragon’s Egg is Lucia’s first adventure as she sets out on her adventures as a not so ordinary Vampire.

Carnaby Circus

Within a dystopian city, where moonlight engages in persistent conflict with the industrial smog that hangs suffocating in the evening air, a scream goes unnoticed by all but one. That is because thievery, rape and murder have grown to be such a daily part of the drudgery that is city life that most ears and eyes turn blindly from such events. A young woman seeks solace from a passing constable for fear that she may be held accountable for the heinous act that ensued following the scream that she had heard. He in turn took to his whistle to alert fellow officers. Vampyre, Lycan and Fae become embroiled in a struggle as each pursue that which they desire. The man standing in their way, The Police Inspector. A mortal.


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