The Journey So Far

Life as a writer began with simple, easily comprehensible poems that reflected my emotions as well as life observations. I’d then post my favourite ones to social media, taking a leap of faith hoping that they’d not be ridiculed by those that read them.

After much encouragement from my peers, I was encouraged to send them forward for publication, something I continued to do with a degree of success. There was however something lacking that came with the short term sense of achievement. Poetry didn’t quench my thirst for telling a story I wanted to tell.

Once again social media played a huge part in pushing me towards trying my hand at writing a novel. In addition, recovering from a stroke and bleed on the brain offered me a second chance and pursuing my life goals.

Jump forward a few years, and I am the proud author of two traditionally published books, as well as three self published titles. Having tried my hand at several genre, I have to admit that the one I feel most comfortable writing in, is the one commonly referred to as ‘chick-lit’.

The biggest compliment I was given, was to be told, “You know women better than they know themselves.” Something I’ve aspired to continue to write for my primary audience….women.


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