First blog post & Welcome

So this is my first post. Wow, seems weird starting from scratch after years of posting to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. So why start again? I suppose the simple answer to that is, to find my audience.

After years of posting to social media and carving out a small niche of followers, I succumb to lure of ‘like for like’ posts. True, the number of followers that ‘liked’ my page grew rapidly, and yet they seemed to be nothing more than a faceless number. There was little to no interaction with anything I’d posted, despite my reaching out to find common ground.

It appeared also, that a picture with a few words soon had more interaction than a lengthy section of a current work in progress. I really do appreciate a picture paints a thousand words, that time is precious and reading is a luxury in our busy lives, but for a writer such as myself, it is a release from normality. A outlet of expressive thought that would otherwise go told.

It wasn’t all bad. After all, it has taken until after the release of my fifth book for me to decide on changing homes for my creative outlet, and there’s no doubting I’ll still be drawn to those dedicated followers that have stayed with me on social media.

That’s the why. So what now? I’m still figuring out the nuances of this new home. Some of the buttons don’t work, and the wallpaper may need to go, but given time, I hope to share my journey of turning myself from a writer with a couple of good stories, in a potential best selling author.

My writing desk is rehomed, the coffee is hot and so let this new adventure begin.


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